The word “Ayurveda” originates from the ancient language of Sanskrit, “Ayur’ meaning “Life” and “Veda” meaning “Science”, therefore, “Science of Life”. In Sanskrit, this word has a wider meaning, which includes the life of plants, animals as well as other living beings “Charaka”. Who founded internal medicine and “Sushrutha”, who comes from the “Dhanwantara” school of surgeons are well known Ayurvedaic Physicians.

The basis of Ayurveda is the belief in a combination of five basic elements forming three types of energy within the body: Vatha (a combination of air and space) {air}; Pitha (fire and water) {Bile}; and Kappha (earth and water) {Phlegm}. Ayurveda practitioners believe that illness arises when these energies are out of balance, and work to restore harmony.